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What My Clients Say

Alyssa is very informative, especially to a first time mom. She helped calm my nerves and answered my many questions about what to expect. I appreciated her honesty and support before, during and after labor- helping me stick to what was important to me while giving birth." 

- Dora Wiersma


Alyssa was my Doula in 2018. She was an amazing support as a sister in Christ, as a fellow-mama and before, during & after my birth! She gave me comfort and I felt I could call on her any time. She’s very dependable. I love how down to earth she is, we’ve been great friends since but she’s also very professional. I had, in all three of my births, painful back labor and she and my husband took turns for several hours putting pressure on my back, in the middle of the night. She’s a strong lady!" 

- Elizabeth Pietrak


Highly recommend Alyssa! She made the whole encapsulation process easy for me. Well worth it!" 

- Audra Geyer


I was a little late to the game requesting placenta encapsulation, but Alyssa so graciously accepted me as her client and went on-call immediately, as we thought we were going to have another preemie! She checked in on me as the weeks went by. Alyssa was not only flexible with the timeframe changes but also location changes, as we moved to a home birth once we made it to 37 weeks. My placenta pills were ready so quickly, her instructions were clear and easy to follow, and she responded quickly to any questions. She also checked in with me after I began taking them to see how I was feeling. Thank you so much, Alyssa! You made our first experience with placenta encapsulation flawless!

- Sara K.

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