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Newborn Baby with Mom

Specializing in Placenta Encapsulation Services

Supporting Women through
Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery & Postpartum
Joining in Your Birth Journey

The journey from fertility and pregnancy, to birth, postpartum, and into parenthood is an incredible one. Although in many ways we are blessed to live in the age of technology, it can also complicate our lives. In a time when information and opinions are just a click away, it can be harder than ever to know what the options really are so you can decide what is best for your family. Doulas can help!

For centuries, female birth companions (doulas) have been helping families grow. My primary goal as a doula is to support and encourage you, your partner, and your baby. I believe that every family deserves the best birth possible, the available evidence to make informed choices, and 100% support no matter what.

I believe that pregnancy and birth are natural parts of life, not medical conditions needing treatment. Although medical intervention is a wonderful resource when necessary, women are far stronger and more capable than they know or give themselves credit for. A woman's informed, mindful wishes should be allowed to direct her birth. However, I also believe that birth is just one part of a whole and that the best experience can be gained when pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are all treated as equally important.

Most of all, I believe that being a part of a family’s birth experience is both an immense blessing and an extraordinary privilege!

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